Martha Slocombe


My passion is to bring people together in the faith context. I love people and I love God, and exploring what should be the most important aspect of our lives – our faith. God calls us to be in community because it is in relationship with others that we best come to experience our relationship with God. While churches are facing new challenges, the same God calls and inspires us to listen and discern together to follow in God’s path. For me, the draw to serve the community of Underwood Hills is a direct result of the way the congregation is actively engaging with their faith, the church community, and communities surrounding the church. Church members seek to live out the gospel in their worship, in building up of the church family, and in warmly welcoming those who are often forgotten or marginalized; suffering from issues ranging from incarceration to food insecurity. Anyone interested in actively living and sharing the good news that our faith in Jesus is rooted in, is welcome to worship or volunteer at Underwood Hills.

Jim Wiehe

Office Manager/Acompanianst 

Jim is passionate about his faith and serving his community.

Bryan Morhart

Brian Morhardt

Music Director/Instrumental Music

Brian shares his faith through music ministry.