Janice Desterhaft

Pastor Jan came to UHPC in November 2021.

Bryan Morhart

Bryan Morhart

Music Director, Drummer

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Jim Weihe,


Diana Coleman,

Church Secretary

In January 2021, Diana Coleman joined the staff at Underwood Hills Church as church secretary.  She is most likely your first point of contact as you enter the doors of UHPC.  Greeting all with a smile and salutation, Diana answers most of your questions regarding church business.

Through her creative style, she has warmed the pages of our newsletter (Hilltopper), bulletins, posters, and other church-related projects.  Diana is a trusted source of support to oversee the day-to-day administrative functions of Underwood Hills Church.  You can reach her at (402) 397-4318 or

Session Class of 2022-2023

(From left to right) Mike Rush – Personnel, Bryan Morhardt – Administrative/Finance/Stewardship/Music/Worship,  Sandy Leedom, – Worship; Marcia Hultman – Hospitality/Member Care; Tonya Shanno – Mission; Joan Clayton – Outreach; Jim Carrol – Clerk & Pastor Jan Desterhaft