Ministry & Mission

An earlier Omaha Habitat for Humanity build

Habitat for Humanity

“At minimum wage, you have to work 61 hours each week in order to afford a modest 1-bedroom rental in Douglas County. And affording rent is just one part of the equation. Nearly three quarters of Omaha families earning less than $35,000/year are paying more than they can afford for housing, not leaving enough for other necessities like good nutrition, health care, transportation, education or saving for the future.”

We join many other churches in Omaha to build shelter and security for those most in need in our community. Every month, Underwood Hills has a work day where we join the construction of a local Habitat build. Smiles are shared, boards are bumped, and lunch is sometimes even launched!

If you want to know more about the Habitat for Humanity homeownership program, there website is:

Siena/Francis House

“The Siena Francis House welcomes, shelters and empowers individuals experiencing homelessness to navigate their own path to safe and appropriate housing.”

Most people who are homeless don’t look it. The average time a person is homeless is six months. The best we can often provide is stability. We join the Siena/Francis House to reach out to those in need by serving food and having open ears and eyes. We hope that we can provide safety and a warm -if simple – meal to warm the body and the soul.

More information about the Siena/Francis House Homeless Shelter can be found at their website at:

Tom, Diane, and Peg preparing food
Laying of the Hands at Underwood Hills

Crossroads Connection

 “I was in prison and you came to visit me… I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me.” ~Jesus  Matthew 25:36, 40

We here at Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church host the Crossroads Connection Prison Ministry. Crossroads is a community of churches in Omaha who have joined together to assist prison inmates in their transition back to life outside of prison. We work to develop relationships with ex-offenders, the prison system and the members of many partner churches to support former inmates to find their way back into society through the caring support of Christ’s followers.

Crossroads Connection is blessed to have grown to have many partner churches! The most up-to-date schedule of meetings and locations may be seen at:

Hillside Elementary

Hillside Elementary School, (a school in the Westside District) is three blocks from Underwood Hills Presbyterian Church.  It is an inviting and supportive community, with approximately 400 students.  The school’s mission is to educate all students to be successful citizens by fostering academic excellence, encouraging character development and meeting the unique needs of the learner.

 Hillside’s student population is diverse and half of the students qualifying for free and reduced price meals.

UHPC has done school supplies with the school in the past.  In August 2019 the principal Ms. Cynthia Bailey joined us for worship here, and shared her vision for our partnership in a mission witness.  A cadre of cooks, mentors, and school supply gatherers are now planning to expand our ministry to the school and the teachers who serve there.

Since the rest of our missions have web links:

Brian and Cynthia Bailey, the principle of Hillside Elementary