Sunday Worship: 10:30 am


If you are looking for a church home, we invite you to come visit us! We worship joyfully, sing spiritedly, and love unconditionally.  Service at Underwood Hills is in a mixed-traditional style with plenty of experimentation (bonfires, burning prayers on paper, drip painting, for example!). Fellowship with Coffee (half-)hour is held immediately after service, and we would love to welcome you and talk about almost anything! Child care and coloring books are available during service. Want to know more? Check out what we believe and what to expect below!

Peg and Willie


We build homes with Habitat for Humanity, serve food at the St. Francis House, host Crossroads Connection Prison Ministry, and partner with Underwood Hills Elementary School. Learn more below!

Tom Grill


What's going on this week? When is bible study? When is the next potluck? When is the next service day for St. Francis House? Find answers to all these... and more!



The bulletins of services past, present, and sometimes future. Plus our bonus monthly newsletter - the Hilltopper! Take a look.